Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy...Excited...Sad...Freaking out

I'm experiencing all those emotions at the same time. Today, I registered Bubba for Pre-K today.

In our school district, Pre-K is part of the public school system. He will go in the afternoons, 5 days a week for 2.5 hours every day. And he will be bused from my front door to the school then back to my front door. Yeah!


He has his placement test next Wednesday and I'm freaking out a little.

He's a smart kid but I'm wondering if he's smart in the right areas.

He knows the alphabet, can count to 15, knows his colors...but he doesn't recognize letters or number well, he has a very hard time drawing shapes and tracing in general.

He is a very active child and I feel like I should have insisted he sit and draw more...I'm worried that my approach of teaching when I can (we could how many scoops of sugar is needed when we make something, or I'll ask him the color of a car we walk past...that kind of thing) is going to hold him back.

My biggest fear is that they will tell me he isn't ready for Pre-K and to try again next year.

He is a smart kid and very much a sponge. He uses words many 4 year olds don't know and uses them correctly...and I'm not just talking about the cuss words :0)

He can throw, kick, catch and hit a ball...he tells stories about things that we did weeks ago...he tells stories about things from his imagination.

I am so worried.

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