Saturday, September 18, 2010


I'm so bored.

After holding a yard sale this morning (and being up at 5:30 am!) my mother-in-law and I decided to take a trip to the local bakery supply store. We got the rest of the stuff I need to make her wedding cake for next weekend and the cake pan for Diva's birthday party.

Then...on the way home...the battery gauge on the truck drops to low and the "Check Gauges" light comes on. Hubby too it to the shop, they aren't sure what's wrong because they can't find a problem. Alternator is fine...batter is fine. I think the truck is possessed.

Anyway, why am I so bored? Because Bubba went to spend the night with his Great-Aunt, Hubby is at work and Diva is in bed asleep.

For the first time to day, I have nothing to do. Maybe I'll watch a movie. "Babies" is on On Demand, and I've been looking forward to watching it.

Maybe I'll just go to bed early. I mean, I'm exhausted and we are hosting a yard sale again tomorrow.

We made over $50 today! Here's hoping tomorrow will be better!

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