Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bubba's First Day of School

We have spent weeks talking to Bubba about going to school. We told him he would get to ride a school bus (typical boy, he is obsessed with anything with wheels)...we showed him the school he would go to. We talked to him about how there would be new toys to play with and new friends to meet.

Last night, we had one last talk about school. He seemed excited. I was more worried how Diva would act seeing her Bubba get on the bus without her.

When we got up this morning, I started talking to him about going to school and he still seemed excited about it.

Then it came time to get dressed.

He was all out crying, tears streaming down his face. I called Hubby and after telling him he should have listened to me and taken some time off today to be here I had him talk to Bubba.

It didn't really seem to help.

He cryed for over an hour.

He was just starting to settle down when his bus got here (for Pre-K they are bussed, kids are picked up at their house and delivered back to their front door after school).

As we walked outside, he started crying again. I helped him up the steps and he was still crying. He sat down in the front seat and was still crying.

Diva and I waved to him until the bus pulled away. Then she had a melt-down. I'm not sure if it's because she is tired from not sleeping well last night or if it's because she didn't want her Bubba to leave.

I'm sad...I'm happy...I'm worried...I'm amazed.

I was told I'd never have kids, yet I gave birth to two perfect children.

After Bubba was born at 31 weeks, I was told all these things will probably be wrong with him...again the doctors were wrong.

Seeing my former 2 lb 15 oz baby climb on the school bus has brought out so many emotions...the biggest of which is pride.

I'll update after he gets home with how the rest of his day went.

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