Monday, September 20, 2010

I married a wonderful man!

He may work my nerves at times, but that's all part of being married. I think our life would be boring if we didn't argue and work each others nerves from time to time.

He treats me so well. It's the little things. He holds doors...he cooks...he brings me home chocolate :0)

He loves me and shows me that every single day.

He's also a great father. After dinner, he plays with the kids. I've never worried about leaving the kids with him...some moms worry about leaving the kids with their own fathers, can you believe that?

My husband changed diapers and understands Diva's love, at the tender age of not yet 3, of cute clothing, shoes and pocket books.

He helps with the housework...he does laundry (well, ok, I fold it but he carries the baskets for me!)

He is a man who will help anyone, he is generous and kind.

I just had to brag about him a little tonight :0)

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